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  Spartan Stories - Stories, Tales, Legends

Spartan Stories, Tales, Legends

You will find the Spartan stories here.

The Spartans not only told tall tales, they lived them theirselves. Here you will find a wide collection of stories, most of them are themed around groups or individuals who kept strictly to something. Besides warriors, combatants or fighters, in a broader sense think of people with a code of honor or a set of rules designed for extreme performance or to prevent determined sick behavior.

Stories about survival in difficult circumstances. Stories where clever tactical choices excel.

You can expect high quality stories such as those of Robert E. Howard, Jack London and Rudyard Kipling.

A collection of historical and modern tales and legends. Including historical adventures or alternate history rooted in the past as can be found in the Swashbuckling Historical genre, even fantasy stories such as can be found in the Sword and Sorcery (S & S) genre, or stories on distant planets as can be found in the Planetary Romance genre.

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Homer - Iliad Homer - Odyssey Jack London - The Call of the Wild
Jack London - White Fang Robert E. Howard - Lord of Samarcand Robert E. Howard - The Beast from the Abyss
Robert E. Howard - The Bull Dog Breed Robert E. Howard - The Hyena Robert E. Howard - The Valley of the Worm
Rudyard Kipling - In the Rukh Rudyard Kipling - The Jungle Book Rudyard Kipling - The Second Jungle Book
Virgil - Aeneid

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[ 2010-01-07 ] :: Singstar
Never knew there was another story like White Fang... The Call of the Wild sounds pretty interesting. Reading right now!

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